Salthill Devon Podcast

Welcome Salthill Devon Podcast

We hope this Podcast will reach out to our members, the diaspora and the community as a whole

In episode 1 Pete Kelly and Ollie Daniels chat about the late Finbar Lillis, one of the originals, who lit the fire that burns so brightly in Drom today.

In Episode 2 Pete & Ollie chat to the ‘Voice of the Fives’ ‘Shaughs’

In Episode 3 Pete & Ollie chat with Meábh DeBúrca about her career and look back on Salthill Devon’s internationals

In Episode 4 we hear from Jim Craddock about playing in Salthill Park in 1950’s and then subsequently from Mick ‘Striker’ Sweeney on the 70’s & 80’s. Ollie & Pete also muse over the early days of coaching in Salthill Park which was our place! and everything stemmed from there.

Salthill Park was our spiritual home.

Episode 5 Salthill Devon is a club that has produced over 60 international players. Pete & Ollie offer their opinions of who would make ‘their squads’.

“When we got down to chatting about it – we realised what an impossible task it was” But, you will have your own opinions and we would love to hear them”! – Pete
Coming soon – our opinions on best players we played against in the Galway Leagued and the ‘Best Galway United’ squad we’ve seen – this might stimulate a bit of conversation!