€1000 Prize – Tickets €10

Please pick a team for the first three weeks. If your team wins, you go through to the next week. If your team draws, or loses, you are knocked out.  If you make it past week 3 you will get a text to make your next selection.


Week 1
Commencing 12th Dec

Everton V Chelsea

Wolves V Aston Villa

Newcastle V West Brom

Crystal Palace V Spurs

Leicester V Brighton

Man Utd V Man City

Fulham V Liverpool

Southampton V Sheffield Utd

Leeds Utd V West Ham

Arsenal V Burnley

Week 2
Commencing 15th December

Fulham V Brighton

Leicester V Everton

Sheffield Utd V Man Utd

West Ham V Crystal Palace

Man City V West Brom

Arsenal V Southampton

Aston Villa V Burnley

Wolves V Chelsea

Leeds Utd V Newcastle

Liverpool V Spurs

Week 3
Commencing 19th Dec

Crystal Palace V Liverpool

Man Utd V Leeds Utd

Southampton V Man City

Chelsea V West Ham

Tottenham V Leicester

Everton V Arsenal

Burnley V Wolves

Newcastle V Fulham

West Brom V Aston Villa

Brighton V Sheffield Utd

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3